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Peer Support

The Post Polio Support Group is here to support you.

Polio Survivors help each other to cope with the challenges presented by the condition. We can put you in touch with other Polio Survivors through local social support meetings, area meetings, annual general meetings, as well as seminars, conferences and other events.   Contact within the Group membership is consistent and comprehensive.  While the Group will always respect the right of any Polio Survivor to anonymity and it does not discriminate between members and non-members. It does recognise that those who are full members of the Group are better informed and thus better enabled to access the necessary supports, including peer supports.  Talking to another Polio Survivor who has been through what you are going through can help you.  Learn from the experience of others to cope better with your condition.    

Social Support Groups

Social isolation is a problem for certain Polio Survivors because of their aging profile, depopulation in certain rural areas and stresses on the community fabric generally.  The real test for the Group is to set up linkages within the more than 4,000 Polio Survivors expected to develop the Late Effects of Polio so that no one feels isolated and alone and that each can talk to friends who understand the condition.  Social Support Groups provide a friendly environment and a structure within which Polio Survivors can meet and take part in activities to help manage their conditions.  Organising outings and social functions are an important part of the activity of the Group.

Social Support Meetings

Regular meetings are held countrywide at which Polio Survivors can get together.  This can provide a focus for sharing information on the Late Effects of Polio, often with the help of specialist practitioners who frequently attend the meetings by arrangement.  If there is not a social support meeting near you and you have ideas for meeting with other Polio Survivors please let us know by telephone at 01 889 8920 or E-mail

Click to find your nearest Social Support Meeting.

Telephone Support Service

The aim of this service is to provide social support on the telephone.  Some members of the PPSG have taken on a leadership role with this project and have agreed to contact other members on a regular basis.  The service is achieved in one of two ways:

One-to-one contact with the call taking place about once a month for up to 30 minutes.

A telephone conference where, with the help of modern technology, members are linked up on the phone so that they can all talk together in a group.  The conference takes place once a fortnight and lasts for about 45 minutes.

If you are interested in receiving this service, please contact Lillian at the Office:

Tel: 01 889 8920 or E-mail:


The Post Polio Support Group website is an information tool of the Group. We endeavour to keep it updated on all aspects of the work of the Group. If you think you have any information which would be relevant to the website please email

Other Social Support

The Post Polio Support Group continues to examine new ways of supporting Polio Survivors to help them play a full part in the work of the Group, helping other Polio Survivors and meanwhile playing a full part in the lives of family and community. The office in Dublin provides opportunities for social support developments as a small meeting room can be made available for activities. Contact for details

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