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Conquering the Polio Legacy Leaflets
Advice to help you and your family cope with the problems associated with the Late Effects of Polio and how they can be managed. 

Polio survivors helping each other
This book has been written to inform Polio Survivors who wish to learn more about the Post Polio Support Group.  The aim is to make the Post Polio Support Group more meaningful to each reader.

Post Polio Syndrome - Management & Treatment in Primary Care
A publication for professional personnel working at Primary Care level with Polio Survivors informing them of the symptoms, management and treatment of Post Polio Syndrome.

Irish Polio News - The Magazine of the Post Polio Support Group

Social Support Groups – Beacons for the Future
Read about the development of vibrant social support groups throughout the country

Polio - The Late Effects Reality
In-depth report providing an insight into the lifestyles of Polio Survivors.

Polio & us
Thought provoking personal stories of Polio Survivors in Ireland

The Arts & Us
Poetry , Paintings and craftwork by Polio Survivors in Ireland.

Annual Reports
Annual Reports of the Post Polio Support Group.

Pacing for Activity and Exercise
Lifestyle adjustment tips for everyday life to ease symptoms and maintain independence.

Bladder Voiding
Explaining a problem affecting many and giving solutions - published and by courtesy of our Danish sister organisation, PTU

Bowel Problems
Explaining problems that affect many and suggesting solutions - published and by courtesy of PTU

Polio Patients & Surgery - Information for Health staff

Going into hospital for surgery, take a copy of this with you to explain the problems encountered by post polio patients.  Written by medical staff for medical staff whether nurses or surgeons.  Published by and courtesy of our Danish sister organisation, PTU.


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How To Obtain any of these Publications

Contact the Post Polio Support Group. All the above are distributed free of charge.

However, should you wish to make a donation to help Polio Survivors please click here.

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