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NEW HORIZONS - Plan 2015

NEW HORIZONS - Plan 2015The Group's strategy plan PLAN 2010 was published in 2007 and established the core paramaters for the work of the Post Polio Support Group. These values, beliefs and principles are still at the core of the Group's work and form its very foundation. However, times and needs change and after extensive consultation with members, and sister organisations and agencies it became apparant that we needed to focus more on the grass roots of the organisation - its members.

NEW HORIZONS - Plan 2015 does not take place of its predecessor, it builds upon it and reacts to it. It gives solutions to the concerns of members and will in its fulfilment place them firmly at the centre of the Group's activities and policy making discussions. It is designed, in the fullness of time, to devolve certain functions, such as awareness, fund raising, social support to the groups that are established around the country. It will give these groups a level of autonomy and freedom, under the general guidance and watchful eye of the Board of Trustees and Directors.

NEW HORIZONS - Plan 2015 poses challenges to the Group as a whole and it will involve much discussion at all levels. The result of its implementation will be a vibrant, strong Post Polio Support Group - a role model for others in the European Polio Union - but more importantly meeting the needs of all Polio Survivors in Ireland now and in the years to come.

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