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Most members of the Post Polio Support Group are Polio Survivors.  Other members include their family members and friends and others with an interest in supporting the Group’s work.  We have members who are working in the caring professions and who have an interest in the condition.  Most members live in Ireland but we have members from all around the world.  Some people like to keep in touch with the Group but do not take formal membership and we respect their positions and are happy with that situation.  Members are best placed to keep up with developments for Polio Survivors and the activities of the Group.  

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Why Join?

The Post Polio Support Group is dynamic.   It is a fast developing organisation which is focussed on improving the life options of Polio Survivors.  It works to deal with the polio legacy and to help to conquer it.  If you are a Polio Survivor you can play your part, within your capacity, to enhance the Group.   Your support would be very welcome.  If you wish to take part in the work of the Group there are many opportunities for members to undertake voluntary work.  Contact for details

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Did you know?

Some members have set up a Facebook page Polio Survivors in Ireland. Do you want to join the chat?


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