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Post Polio Links

Polio Australia Inc

Post-Polio Health International. International Post-Polio Clinics, Health Professionals, Support Groups, and Resources List.

British Polio Fellowship Information about this British Polio Survivor support group. PPS. Q&A, publications, library, news and message board.

Post-Polio An information, support and self-help network of and for survivors of the viral disease Poliomyelitis

Polio Canada Polio Canada is here for you. Through five main services, Polio Canada supports and informs the community and health care professionals.

Australia, Post-Polio Network (NSW) Inc The objective of this Network is to provide advice through an information kit, regular newsletters, website and bulletins on Polio and the management of its late effects.

Post-Polio Syndrome Central Search or browse this comprehensive listing of PPS internet resources, original papers, surveys and polls.

Polio Experience Network Polio Experience Network offers information, inspiration, ideas and resources to help you understand polio and post-polio syndrome, and to confidently manage life with it.

International Post Polio Support Organization IPPSO is an international support organization established to assist persons experiencing PPS, their families and friends. IPPSO is also a site maintained for the purposes of support, education, communication, and as a forum to meet other people with PPS around the world.

European Polio Union (EPU) Member Post Polio organisations



Other European Post Polio Organisations


Associazione Nazionale Polio e Sindrome Post-Polio     


Paras Drustvo Paralitikov Slovenije   


Asociación de Afectados de Polio y Sindrome de Post-Polio de Castilla y León

United Kingdom - Scotland

Scottish Post Polio Network

Post Polio Groups, Medics, Health - Worldwide Listing

Polio Australia Inc

Polio Survivors Network (formerly Lincolnshire Polio Network)
International, National and Local UK Support Organizations

Post-Polio Health International
International Post-Polio Clinics, Health Professionals, Support Groups, and Resources List


International, National and Local Mexican Support Organisation

Blogspot - English & Spanish

Polio/Post Polio - Medics Info - Worldwide

National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Strokes Post Polio Syndrome (PPS), Description, Cause, Diagnosis, Treatment, Exercise etc…. *Modified from: Post-Polio Syndrome: Identifying Best Practices in ... Launched in 1996 and comprises one of the largest and most current Clinical Knowledge Base available to physicians and health professionals. Information which should be of interest to your doctor(s)

John R Bach, MD. (Respiratory medicine) The Centre for Noninvasive Mechanical Ventilation Alternatives and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Post-Polio-Med A forum for questions and answers to and from post-polio syndrome researchers, physicians and other post-polio syndrome medical professionals, Polio Survivors, family, friends, students and others who are interested in post-polio syndrome. This includes, but is not limited to: questions, answers and information about post-polio syndrome research, clinical issues, clinical trials, current treatment practices and support group meetings and information.

Polio Eradication

WHO (World Health Organisation) WHO, Rotary International, CDC and UNICEF polio eradication initiative  

UNICEF Assisting governments in their efforts to immunize every child against polio until polio transmission has stopped, so that the world can be certified polio-free.  

Rotary International "Polio Plus Program"

Irish Government/State Links

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources

Department of Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs

Department of Defence

Department of Education and Skills

Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation

Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government

Department of Finance

Department of Foreign Affairs

Department of Health and Children

Department of Justice and Law Reform

Department of Social Protection

Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport

Department of Transport

Department of the Taoiseach

European Parliament
Provides Information for Irish Citizens on the European Parliaments role and powers, and Irish MEPs contact details and their activities etc.

Office of the Public Works
The Office of Public Works is the Government's principal engineering agency, responsible for restoration, conservation, town planning, public access, etc.

Citizens Information Board
The Citizens Information Board is the national support agency responsible for supporting the provision of information, advice and advocacy on social services. 

MABS - Money Advice and Budgeting Service (Ireland)

Irish Health Service

Health Service Executive (HSE).
Irish Health Service organisation

The HSE National Advocacy Unit

Disability/Health Links - Ireland

Disability Federation of Ireland
National Umbrella Organisation for voluntary non-statutory agencies who provide support services to people with disabilities and disabling conditions

Irish Wheelchair Association
The Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) is the national organisation of people with limited mobility, with over 20,000 members and service users

Central Remedial Clinic
The Central Remedial Clinic is a non-residential national centre for the care, treatment and development of children and adults with physical disabilities.

Disabled Drivers Association
An organisation of disabled people working for disabled people, promoting independence and equal opportunity through mobility. The association provides an extensive information, advice and support service to members.

The Wheel
The Wheel is a support and representative body connecting Community and Voluntary organisations across Ireland. Established with a mandate from over 200 organisations and individuals, The Wheel has evolved to become a resource centre and forum for the Community and Voluntary sector.

Health Research Board
Improving Health through research and information

Disability Information (Ireland) Ltd.
Disability Information Ireland aim to provide easy access to a comprehensive on-line information service for people with disabilities.

Able Access
An organisation established to provide information for members of the community who are disabled. It is highly accessible for people with visual impairments and other disabling conditions and is one of the most functional and congenial website services.

Disability/Health Links Worldwide

Mobilise - promoting mobility for disabled people

Travel & Access information for disabled and mature travellers USA.

American National Institute of Health

American National Institute Of Health – Institutes & Offices

American Heart Association

American Cancer Society

Disabled Accommodation Miami - Apartments for rent in Miami Beach, all Wheelchair Accessible, including roll in shower, balcony and kitchen

Holiday/Travel Information for the disabled

Tourism Ireland For International Visitors

Discover Ireland Tourist/Holiday information on Ireland

Tourism for ALL UK Tourism for All UK has lists of inspected accessible accommodation in the UK and at selected overseas destinations. National UK Charity conceived in 1979 (as Holiday Care) to provide holiday and travel information to disabled & older people.

Disabled Holiday Directory Search the directory of accessible properties across the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and America for your ideal holiday location.

DisabledGo Detailed access information which will empower you to judge for your self which hotels, cinemas, restaurants, solicitor’s offices, pubs, train stations – all kinds of shops and services- are accessible to you.

Accessible Barcelona Craig Grimes the founder of has always had a yearning to travel. We hope that this website gives readers some confidence and encouragement to travel.

Calvert Trust A wide range of activities for people of all ages including abseiling in a wheelchair or sailing.

Bluebell Railway One of their carriages has been extensively modified with double-doors, wheelchair lifts and an open saloon. The adapted saloon provides a much more enjoyable way to travel, and can accommodate larger parties with entirely flexible seating and a panoramic view from the windows.

King Line day boats - Norfolk Seats 11 or 825KG max. Joystick control if required for use by wheelchair user. Safe level boarding area to help get you on board. Toilet on board (not a separate compartment. Pull round curtain on two sides). All weather cover for wet days. Staff "Welcome All" trained.

Holidays for All Whether you'd like to take a seaside break, an overseas holiday, enjoy the scenery of the lakes or the Scottish highlands, or want a base from which to explore the UK countryside, there's sure to be somewhere that meets your requirements. Holidays for All is a group of the UK's leading disability charities working together to promote quality, accessible holiday breaks.

Vitalise Vitalise (formerly Winged Fellowship Trust) is a national disability charity providing breaks for disabled adults, children and their carers at five accessible UK Centres in Cornwall, Nottingham, Southport, Essex and Southampton.

Grooms Holidays Grooms Holidays offer a select choice of hotels and self-catering accommodation around the UK. There are a variety of attractive coastal and countryside holiday choices to suit different tastes.

Chalfont Line Chalfont Line has holidays in the UK and elsewhere with accessible coaches – including the Dutch bulb fields for example:

Enable Holidays Go to these locations: Florida, Spain, Majorca, Canary Islands, Portugal, Cyprus and the Greek Islands.

Access Travel All properties are well known to us as they have been personally inspected, or have been suggested by a wheelchair user. We can therefore discuss the accommodation with you and give recommendations over its suitability. We offer a personal contact to all our clients which the larger tour operators are unable to give.

Can Be Done All the accommodation offered by Can Be Done on this website have en-suite bathrooms with adaptations such as bath with grab-rails or wheel-in showers. Jackie Scott, our first managing director, and her wheelchair, travelled thousands of miles together visiting many destinations and assessing their suitability. We’ve done the research so that you can enjoy the holiday.

Disabled Accommodation Miami Apartments for rent in Miami Beach, all Wheelchair Accessible, including roll in shower, balcony and kitchen

Polio Newsgroups, Chatlines and Mailing Lists

Internet Discussion & Support Forums. Lincolnshire Polio Network Newsgroups, Mailing Lists, Online Chat Room.

Useful Voluntary Organisation in Ireland

Age Action Ireland,
30 – 31 Lower Camden Street, Dublin 2
Tel: 01 475-6989
Web site:

Age & Opportunity
Marino Institute of Education, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin
Tel: 01 805-7709
Web site:

Alzheimer Society of Ireland
Tel: 01 288-6614
Freefone: 1800 341 341

Carer’s Association
Metropole Centre, James Street, Kilkenny
Freefone 1800 240 724
Web site:

Citizens Information Centres
(see Golden Pages for local addresses)
Local: 1890 777 121
Web site:

Federation of Active Retirement Associations
Shamrock Chambers, ½ Eustace Street, Dublin 2
Tel: 01 679-2142

Irish Association of Older People
Room B15, University College Dublin, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2
Tel: 01 475-0013

Irish Senior Citizens Parliament
90 Fairview Strand, Dublin 3
Tel: 01 856—1243
Web site:

Irish Wheelchair Association
Aras Chuchulainn, Blackheath Drive, Clontarf, Dublin 3
Tel: 01 833-8241
Web site:

Mental Health Association of Ireland
Mensana House, 6 Adelaide Street, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin
Tel: 01 284-1166
Web site:

National Association of Deaf People
35 Nth. Frederick Street, Dublin 1
Tel: 01 872-3800

National Council for the Blind of Ireland
Whitworth Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9
Tel: 01 830-7033
Web site:

Retirement Planning Council
27/29 Pembroke Street, Dublin 2
Tel: 01 661-3139

Senior Help Line
Third Age Centre, Summerhill, Co. Meath
Tel Helpline: 1850 440 444 (opening times below)
Monday: 10am – 1 pm:
Friday: 7pm – 10 pm

Society of St Vincent de Paul

Mailing Lists - Caring support in a friendly environment. - 'Few holds barred' discussion. - "A laid-back low-key, no-beefs list" - Medical aspects of PPS. - Support group information exchange. - For PPS caregivers. - A set of (intentionally) small lists.


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