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Ferdinand Schießl

Click on the link to read the fascinating story of a German Polio Survivor - so many parallels - does this remind you of anybody in Post Polio.  Click here for "The Ferdinand Schießl story" (word doc).

"The Iron Lung"

The Iron Lung became a stereotypical image linked to Polio in the 1940's and 50's, and although used less and less there are still some in constant use even in 2010.

The following link brings you to the British Science Museum website where there is an introduction to the Iron Lung. The page is interactive and you can look at an Iron Lung from different angles and see how it works. If you click on "Patient experiences", you can then click on either Jim Costello or Jim Costello's video and you can read about Jim, a Director of the PPSG, or see him using the Iron Lung - he still uses it most days. Website link:

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