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Remember the Post Polio Support Group in your Will

To Whom It May Concern

The Post Polio Support Group is very grateful for all the support it is given. We receive financial support from the government, but the demands on our resources are ever increasing. Therefore, we would like to ask for your help in a different way which you may not have considered before and does not involve a donation.

I would like you to think about leaving a gift to the Group in your Will. In the fullness of time your gift could help us to support many people who are struggling with the late effects of polio and Post Polio Syndrome.

Some people think of their gift as a tribute to a person they have lost, or to someone who benefited from the Group's research and support. All the members and trustees are extremely grateful for these gifts and it would be impossible to continue to help members without these legacies.

The Group is in its 18th year and a gift in your Will could help ensure that we continue to bring benefits such as high-quality and accurate information, welfare and support services and heating and respite care grants to our members, helping them to have a better quality of life.

After you have provided for your family and friends in your Will, perhaps you will consider leaving a gift to the Post Polio Support. If you consider this appropriate, I am asking you to send off the response form, which has a download link on this page, to request further information about how you can help in this way.

John McFarlane

For further information regarding a legacy to support the work of the Post Polio Support Group, you can download a copy of our document: 'A Gift that Keeps on Giving' (PDF)

If you are considering leaving a legacy to the Post Polio Support Group in your Will, please click here to download our response form (PDF).

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