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Local fundraising activities are important to help finance various relief programmes.  Many members, their families and friends work very hard to organise activities to raise funds for the Group.  These may include organising coffee mornings, conducting authorised street collections and selling tickets for centrally managed raffles and other initiatives.  This collective activity forms an important part of the Group’s income.  We are always keen to work with new ideas which will deliver new funding streams for the Group.


Mini Marathons, and Marathons, are an important source of fundraising for the Group.  Many support us by running enthusiastically wearing the Group’s colours.  Others roll along pushed by their energetic helpers who really feel all the hills on the supposedly flat courses.  The vital task in the whole effort is to get sponsorship for all our participants and the Group is greatly indebted to those who harness the support of their families, friends, workmates and neighbours to help Polio Survivors.

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