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Flora Mini Marathon

Flora Mini Marathon
Masquerade Ball

8pm Friday, May 30th. Bewley’s Hotel, Ballsbridge. Tickets €65

Includes a complimentary glass of wine on arrival, canapés and entertainment for the night. Masks are essential.
FOR TICKETS, PLEASE CALL 083 455 7877 or email:


Kilimanjaro Fundraising 2014

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Noticing changes?

Are you becoming aware of changes that maybe arising from childhood polio, what can you do?

Make Contact

Call the Post Polio Support Group at 01-889 8920. We will help. Click here to make contact.


What support can a polio survivor expect from the Group. Click here to find out.


Help eradicate polio world wide – click here on this link to the End Polio campaign, sign up to the petition, it costs nothing and every signature ensures another child is immunised.




Professional Information

A photo of the PPSG Blue BookAre you a professional caring for someone with Post Polio Syndrome?

Click for the Blue Book and check out our publications page.

Photo Galleries

A photo of the members of the Group with the presidentSmile for the Post Polio Support Group.

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